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Play Mastermind in your terminal!


To play, you'll need node.js installed. Then, use npm to install:

$ npm i -g mastermind-game

Then, just type this in your terminal:

$ mastermind-game

...and the game will begin!

It looks like this:

$ mastermind-game
Do you want to play a game?

I am thinking of a sequence of 4 numbers between 1 and 6.
Can you guess the sequence?

Please enter your guess: 1 1 2 2
│ Guess   │ Correct Position │ Correct Number │
│ 1 1 2 2 │ 1                │ 1              │
Please enter your guess:

For more information, try mastermind-game -h or mastermind-game --help!

Writing Strategies

You can use mastermind-game as a module and write your own strategies! Install it like so:

npm i -S mastermind-game

Then, sub-class GameForMachines and implement .guess():

const {GameForMachines} = require('mastermind-game')

class MyStrategy extends GameForMachines {
  guess (history) {
    // write your strategy's logic here!

Check out GameForMachines for more information on writing strategies.


Download the project's source in order to run the test suite:

git clone
cd mastermind-game
npm install
npm test

You can run npm run cov to see a report of test coverage.


All contributions are welcome: bug reports, feature requests, "why doesn't this work" questions, patches for fixes and features, etc. For all of the above, file an issue or submit a pull request.