Essays, etc.

My name is Diana. I make things but generally not very well. I put thoughts here.

> Let's begin.

Let's begin.

This is a new entry.

I recently drafted the thick-blog as an intentional precursor to managing my own blog. I haven't had a formal, public blog in a few years, but there have been threads on Mastodon that I've wanted to expand or expound upon. That's largely what this blog is for.

Anyway: my name is Diana. I make software but not very well. I've been writing software since 2009, when I started writing web scrapers in Python. Now I write JavaScript for the most part because browsers are the new JVM. I make things to rebuild and retake the web.

After spending some years in Boston as a developer evangelist for a handful of startups, I burned out in 2013 as I was coming out, and spent a few years more or less catatonic. I felt like I had woken up to a world that wanted to kill everyone I loved, that had been killing them for thousands of years. A few friends have been murdered. A few murdered themselves. I think the kyriarchy ended them all. I am more resolved than ever that we will end the kyriarchy. No one needs to starve or freeze or die. We can all live without fear.

I believe we can reach that world without fear within this life, but it's going to take work. I want to talk about some aspects of that work here.

I believe in you. I believe in us. We will make it, together.

November 19, 2017